Thursday, 1 December 2016

Which Way Do You Want It Mr Carney?

Mark Carney and The Bank Of England are suddenly worried about unsustainable levels of household debt. They're right, too much debt is a problem for families, just as it is for nations, looks like we have a double whammy as they say.

Given the intelligence of the recent referendum, people being silly isn't a big surprise. HOWEVER, with its quantitative easing and continual interest rate cuts the Bank Of England encouraged people to spend, to keep the economy buoyant AND disincentivised saving.

If you now want people to stop borrowing and start saving then raise interest rates, inflation is on its way back anyway. Of course those who have already borrowed too much will scream and shout, but if you do nothing the credit boom will continue. Your choice Mr Carney, for now.

Individuals can be creative about making money though, maybe give it a go!

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