Friday, 9 December 2016

A Toast To Gina Miller

Gina Miller had the courage to take the government to court. No mean thing on its own. She has described herself as the most unpopular woman in the country and has, wisely in the light of the Jo Cox murder, hired bodyguards. Well, Brexit does attract the nutcases to its cause and given the rhetoric I have to believe the Brexit campaign purposely grandstanded to them.

So, Gina Miller, I for one salute you, you are not unpopular with more than sixteen million Remain voters I shouldn't think and you should not be unpopular with Brexit voters who actually understand the constitutional considerations. I wonder how many of those there are.

Brexit itself already hands huge powers back to Westminster, abolishing all those checks and balances Europe created. However, by allowing the cabinet, appointed and controlled by the Prime Minister to trigger Article 50 on its own, then the power we would be handing to one person by creating such a precedent would in fact be pretty worrying. To me anyway. Medieval Royal Prerogative be damned.

Mrs May has already shown us what she thinks of the human rights of Yemenis and Shias this week. Even if the Supreme Court upholds the High Court's wise decision the government will rush a bill through and cowardly MPs cowed by the referendum, as false as it was, will see it through. No way back Brexit will probably be held up not at all. A hollow victory then. No, not entirely, in constitutional terms a very important thing indeed.

What could hold up Brexit is which decision the court comes to regarding the devolved rights of Scotland and Northern Ireland in particular. Wales of course inexplicably voted for Brexit, despite the huge funding it gets from Europe, then immediately and fittingly started bleating about not losing a single penny please, to be replaced from the coffers of debt ridden England.

The Supreme Court decision will not be until January, so, in the meantime if you're still thinking about Christmas gifts...

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