Wednesday, 14 December 2016

You Were Cute, But Inappropriate

Wonder Woman, originally a superhero from a comic and later a childrens', (I imagine anyway, it can't have been for adults can it?) TV show, is to be sacked as the UN ambassador for women, but not until Friday. I don't know what she will achieve in these last two days of Aleppo's suffering.

The UN has lost its way, and not recently in my view. It has spread disease through negligence and claimed diplomatic immunity, it has failed utterly to protect the vulnerable in many places and is powerless in creating a peaceful world. It needs to start over with a constitution written for the post Cold War world.

Members of the ridiculously named Security Council are the biggest sellers of arms in the world and the most likely to use them, in person or by proxy. It is not just Wonder Woman who needs to get the sack!

Time for a brave new world if ever there was one.

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