Books by Malcolm Snook

So far I've written three books. Of Land, Sea And Sky Now available in it's second and extended edition about my life and the activities I've been involved in. A sequel about my travels is planned.

My second book is a specialist tome about anchoring boats and yachts, aimed at sailors of all kinds but with extra information for those who plan to live aboard and anchor extensively. It's called How To Anchor Safely - So You Sleep Well!

Book three is a collection of very short biographies of important individuals essentially from the 1930s. It explains the life stories of characters mentioned in Napoleon Hill's iconic book Think And Grow Rich. Successful individuals whose life stories would have been well known to Hill's readers at the time but whose lives will be less well known or even a mystery to today's readers. Eventually there will be three volumes, Volume 1 is currently published under the title Hill's Heroes.

All three books are available as e-books and paperbacks. An audio version of the first book should be widely available soon. paperbacks should be available to order at your local book store, a quick search on Amazon Kindle will find the e-book version. Of land, Sea And Sky and How To Anchor Safely are noticeably less expensive as e-books due to the large number of pictures in the paperback Hill's Heroes only has an illustrated cover and is just a few cents cheaper as an e-book.

Amazon are sometimes able to offer discounted or second hand copies of the physical books.

The buttons below will take you to the paperback version via Amazon.

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