Friday, 2 December 2016

You Thought 2016 Was Shocking? Now Here's A Thought!

Did Mrs May promise to unite a divided country or did I dream it? For a politician you ignore sixteen million plus people at your peril, even if seventeen million plus want something else they've been lied to about. Bye bye NHS, hello loneliness, the best that I can get. Mrs May hasn't just ignored forty eight per cent of us, in fact she's dismissed us and trampled on our beliefs at every opportunity. That then is the face of unity in Britain.

So, finally some good news; the people of Richmond have said that the sixteen million plus people with some common sense should still have a voice and they've elected a Lib Dem MP in place of silver spoon in mouth Zac Goldsmith. The Tories chose not to divide the Tory tendency by opposing Zac and it gives them the opportunity to claim they didn't run, but truth be told the last thing they wanted was a Lib Dem victory. Well done Sarah Olney.

I cannot imagine what gave Zac the idea that he could identify with enough Londoners to become mayor, lets hope this is the end of his political career once and for all. Zac resigned and prompted the by-election, confident that he would be re-elected as an independent, another miscalculation.

Our rabid media want Brexit for reasons best known to themselves, the power of propaganda should never be underestimated, but bear in mind it took a lot less than sixteen million one hundred thousand votes to get Cameron into number 10. If those who want a joined up, cooperative and peaceful world vote Liberal everywhere there's a chance for a common sense, middle ground government at some stage in the next few years. Hell, we'll even welcome Brexit voters who've seen it for what it truly is.

The problem with the referendum, well, one of them, was that a leave vote leaves no way back, a remain vote would have left the media and the Trump, Farage, Murdoch level of intelligentsia braying for another one sooner or later and probably ad infinitum. If I was the leader of just one of the other twenty seven I'd veto everything until the time runs out and let Britain fall off the cliff, that's all it would take.

Brexit voters voted for something intangible, they don't know what they'll get, so by extension they don't really know what they want. They don't even entirely know what they don't want since they all have different opinions on the EU and what they think is wrong with it. Given that particular situation they will be divided, to coin a phrase they will remain divided, as divided as a UKIP leadership contest. 

The best hope for Britain's future is that WE all come together as one behind the Lib Dems and really give British politics and our un-elected Prime Minister a genuine, feel the earth move under their feet SHOCK.

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