Middle East Peace and the East Med Yacht Rally

An excerpt from and e-mail I received from the lovely Hasan Kacmaz - the selfless organiser of the East Med Yacht Rally, which I believe is truly a force for peace in a troubled region of the world. It bears thinking about.

EMYR Rallies will be on at least for two more years that we can celebrate 25th anniversary. It isn’t very pleasant to notice all the unrealistic non-humanian wars, blood storms in Syria, expected civil war in Lebanon, attacks to Israeli cities, unclear future in Egypt and all those political turbulence and terror in my country. Many of you have visited Eastern Mediterranean countries over past many years when there was a peaceful life. The people in Syria & Egypt, were poor but they have had hopes for the future. Lebanese citizens have built up their country from the destroyed cities, even in Israel; many of friends have believed that there is a hope for the peace for their children. Now, today, we, good minded international cruisers, nearly lost the war to establish better relation between the countries on the Eastern Mediterranean coast line.  Please pass the message to your MPs in your countries that there should be an alternative way to establish peaceful future for Syria.

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