Thursday, 24 November 2016

Mrs May Won't Help So Help Yourself

Independent assessments of yesterdays Autumn statement suggest very strongly that living standards will be squeezed. No doubt about that. One thing the government is right about is that UK productivity needs to improve and what little investment they've made is aimed to help that. It may prove too little too late, but it is actually more sensible than giving it away as welfare.

Mrs May's fine words when she took unelected office were of course baloney. She embraced Brexit because it made political sense in a selfish sense, whatever happens next she made it to the top job, bully for her.

Many of those who voted for Brexit were the worst off and the disillusioned, it is the 30% who are the least well off who will feel the pain most. Unfortunately the sixteen million, one hundred and forty one thousand, two hundred and forty one people who aren't to blame will feel it too. Not only that but their voices are being ignored. A substantial minority if ever there was one.

Labour refuse to admit to the glaring errors of the Blair Brown years and Brexit voters will be loath to blame their error for their suffering, it's human nature, it's always someone else's fault. Productivity is a key, so get creative if you want to help, here is one way you can do something for yourself rather than making sacrifices such as giving up your hobbies.

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