Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Says Mrs May, You Can Pay, While Boris Plays

Care homes and the care system generally is in crisis we are told. There's probably quite a lot of truth in that even if it does vary in intensity by region. Don't worry though, Mrs May's government has just given you permission to pay for it to get fixed.

The funding gap can be traced back to Gordon Brown's debt which we cannot really service, let alone pay down. He also attacked pensions, making it much tougher for people who would like to, to pay for their own care. That would be a socialist Chancellor and Prime Minister supporting ordinary folk.

One of the steps the Tories took to try and get the debt under control was to cut funding to local authorities. Maybe they thought that would also see an end to local authority waste. I'm no fan of politicians and local politicians could be the only thing worse than national politicians, but in this case I have a small, make that tiny, degree of sympathy. That's because government mandates things local authorities MUST do, but it doesn't want the bill thank you very much.

There is no money in this country, or any other, besides that which the people create. A country may be rich in natural resources but people have to extract the ore, oil, minerals and make them into something, it may have fertile land, but someone must farm it. Politicians produce NOTHING.

What they are supposed to do is create the conditions in which we can all flourish and produce the wealth we all need. Unfortunately they're not very good at it and they're not very honest. Many of the elderly people needing care will have believed that millions of pounds every week would be coming back from Europe; not that the debt would be hugely harder to service due to the inevitable drop in the value of pound. Or that we would see the return of inflation. Well done Boris.

And so it is that Mrs May has just given councils the power to raise more, from us, in council tax. And if you think you'd like to retire somewhere else and not pay UK council tax, well, that right is about to be stripped away too. You can stay here till you rot and die in penury and they still won't have got rid of the debt, or sorted the care system.

There is a minimum age for voting, there should be a maximum, they can take my vote away at seventy I wouldn't give a fig, people who won't be affected should possibly leave the decisions to those who will be affected. Drive me into unnecessary poverty by seventy and I will be upset.

They should raise the age at which a person can run for Parliament though. Leaving university with a degree in politics might help you understand the system, but you need life experience and better yet business experience and acumen too. Otherwise you'll likely make things worse not better.

Strangely we still have the borrowed money for American made nuclear weapons. Many countries do not indulge; one wonders how their citizens sleep at night, and yet they seem to. Boris and May will stick with the programme because they believe we're one of the 'great powers' and we have a seat on the UN security council. We can convene a meeting! The people of Syria must be thrilled.

Given the uncertainty of the times, you may want to make Christmas pay for itself. Don't click the link if you voted for Brexit I'd like to help the responsible people. Thank You.

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