Thursday, 8 December 2016

British Principles? Not in May

Now that we're leaving the EU with its emphasis on decency and human rights our principled Prime Minister is on a whistle stop tour of the Gulf States, united in their disavowal of human rights, so that we can continue, maybe even increase our arms sales. So that countries like Saudi Arabia, which don't even allow women to drive and where kids can be tortured and executed can bomb neighbouring Yemen and starve yet more innocent people.

Britain has abandoned its standards and lost its way. The sight of Mrs May flirting with Arab leaders is about as degrading as it gets. Opportunist and preferring expediency over ethics Mrs May is #notmyprimeminister and certainly not a citizen of the world. Something she is proud of apparently. She would do well NOT to embroil us in the Sunni Shia schism, but that fact seems to have passed her by too.

While the rest of the world turns to retail therapy, why not sell them something other than weapons!

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