Friday, 30 December 2016

How Government Does What's Right

Is Britain bankrupt? We all know in the back of our minds that the national debt is huge and it's rising inexorably, even if the deficit comes down in tiny increments the debt continues to rise and not slowly. Some propaganda from certain parties tells us 'this is a rich country, we can afford...' whatever it is that party wants money spent on.

Truth is we cling to this idea that we're one of the world's great powers whilst getting deeper in debt, devaluing our currency and with overseas relations and trade facing more challenges than a polar bear without ice.

One of the results is no money for local authorities, who, like the NHS trust car parks, use ever more devious ways to separate people from their hard earned money. An elderly couple on our street needed a ramp for wheelchair access in the last months of their lives. The local authority kindly said they would put one in for EIGHT THOUSAND pounds.

A commercial firm, presumably making an honest profit did the job for one thousand, seven hundred pounds. And you thought government was there to serve the people? Maybe you also thought Europe was the problem, maybe you should think again.

All you can really do is try and take care of yourself until sanity returns.

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