Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Local Elections Today

For the first time in years I have a vote again. I couldn't vote when I lived on my old sailing ketch and travelled, because I didn't have an address, now I do. As someone with strong political views and a belief in democracy I really want to use my vote. Unfortunately I probably won't be.

I wonder how many people will, and whether they will simply vote according to party loyalty. I've been singularly unimpressed with party political broadcasts from all sides. Skimpy leaflets have arrived in the mailbox, thin on policy, thin on detail and some 'facts' which probably aren't.

My partner and I take regular walks in the village, not seen hide nor hair of a candidate, no invitations to meetings or talks. I've always felt local politicians a bunch of meddlers of doubtful competence, if they want people to vote for them they should put themselves out there a bit more.

The other thing is that people usually end up voting for the lesser of three to five evils and then when councils do something idiotic or self serving they say you voted for it. British bureaucracy is fast becoming farcical. At the same time they want us to vote for a Police and Crime Commissioner, is that to be on party lines? Does anyone know what the candidates stand for other than a single soundbite on local tv?

If not farce then in the UK it's democracy (a Greek idea) turned into a Greek tragedy.

Malcolm Snook - Writer