Wednesday, 14 September 2016

What Has Happened To Us?

Post referendum race hate appalls and disgusts me. We entered World War Two in defence of Poland and by the end of the war we were too exhausted to protect Poland from soviet aggression. At least we took some refugees. Poland is our friend and ally, Polish pilots performed heroics in the Battle Of Britain. Poles are not all wonderful people, or angels, I was robbed by Polish tenants not so long ago. However, it's the actions of some of my fellow Brits which truly upset me.

What the hell has happened to British values and decency? It seems nearly every Pole living in the UK has a story to tell. It's come to murder now has it. I was very moved by a Polish lady speaking on television last night, from her accent she's been here for some long time. She pointed out she is a tax payer. The interviewer tried to put words in her mouth about friends and good Brits, which she conceded, but added "what's the point if I don't  feel safe?"  Quite.

Jean Claude Junker, president of the European Commission has spoken out about race hate and populism and he's damned right, a foreigner yes and the head of a commission so many Brits love to hate talking sense, wanting to defend European values and the kind of values Britain used to espouse.

What the hell is wrong with Britain? Where is the leadership? Farage, Gove, Johnson and all their clique should be utterly ashamed of themselves and of the hatred and racism they inspired. It's time ordinary people remembered their roots if they want Britain to be great. End racism NOW.

Malcolm Snook Writer

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