Monday, 12 September 2016

How Long Can Politicians Talk And Not Act?

Thirty years now politicians have discussed what to do about the fact that our airport capacity isn't keeping pace with out trade needs and travel wants. Mind you, if the recent scare story about our needing visas for all European countries was to come true in a few years then we probably wouldn't need so many flights, but it's about as unlikely as a vote to leave the EU.

Boris wanted a hugely expensive island built in the Thames Estuary, but he's found a new way to go down in history, way down in fact. So, in a great show of leadership the Tories are talking about a free vote on Heathrow expansion, well, frankly there's no other way to reach a decision since the Tories are as divided on this as on everything else, from our relationship with Europe to education and much more.

In a one party state I suppose you can afford a bit of infighting. Given the economic uncertainties, then infrastructure spending does seem a sensible option, but I rather suspect the Chinese were invited in to build nuclear power stations here because we've got less than no money left and politicians still mislead us with talk about deficit while the DEBT goes up hugely every single day.

Given the nuclear reaction to the Chinese and the paranoia over foreigners generally I wonder who will get invited in to build our new runways, and take the profits of course, if they ever get around to voting to go ahead.

Gordon Brown overspent hugely, Scotland is even deeper in debt than England and voted for us to continue to subsidise them, but all of our debts are rising. It's a mess and no mistake. Leaving the EU won't rectify it and honestly I wish I could see a solution. Churchill came along when we needed him, but its hard to see anyone in the House Of Commons with the necessary genius we need now.

Malcolm Snook

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