Saturday, 24 September 2016

Stop Meddling Before It's Too Late

I watched Jeremy Corbyn's acceptance speech, now that he's unsurprisingly won the Labour Party leadership, again and arguably with a stronger mandate. He says some good things about peace, inclusive education and the NHS, but there are more problems with what he doesn't say.

Britain has the second highest debt in the world, after the USA, Jeremy does not refer to that, only to the sixth largest economy, because that suits his argument. He, like his predecessor Gordon Brown who got us into this unsustainable and growing debt, seems to think there's money for everything. There isn't, the UK's debt is rather more than half the size of the USA's debt, but their population is around 319 million and ours is a little over 64 million, they're almost five times the size we are.

Jeremy also talks about redistribution of wealth and although he pays lip service to British talent and entrepreneurship don't expect him to reward or encourage it. Labour would again wreck the economy, probably for good and all this time and it's the economy which pays for education, health and everything else we hold dear. I don't like the right wing branch of the Tories any more than he does and I don't want them meddling in health or education either.

It's time politicians allowed doctors to doctor, nurses to nurse, teachers to teach and entrepreneurs to build businesses. I still wonder how the Liberals would do. As things stand it seems to be one extreme or the other.

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