Friday, 16 September 2016

Sub-Saharan Britain

A 'State Of Nature' report on Britain's bio-diversity and wildlife has recently been published. It makes grim reading. Of eight thousand species surveyed one thousand one hundred and ninety nine are threatened with extinction. Fifty six percent of UK species have declined since the 1970s when intensive farming really started to take hold. More than half of our farmland dwelling species are currently in decline AND Britain has already lost more species than the world average over the last few decades. It's a national disgrace.

A new biodiversity intactness index shows that the UK is one of most nature-depleted countries in world, something we should be thoroughly ashamed of, but it's the EU which has done most to help our wildlife, rather than the UK Government.

New research published in the journal Science and included in the State of Nature report reveals that the UK has lost significantly more nature over the long term than the world average. Of two hundred and eighteen countries assessed for ‘biodiversity intactness’, the UK is ranked one hundred and eighty ninth, a consequence of centuries of industrialisation, urbanisation and over-exploitation of our natural resources.

Our farmland dwelling species are probably most at risk, for example, for every one hundred turtle doves in Norfolk in the 1970s there are now about eight. Thanks to EU subsidies some farmers are now leaving margins for wildlife, or even planting fields to provide food for wildlife, some have re-dug ponds which were filled in, replaced hedgerows, verges and so on.

The UK government has promised that no one will lose out when we leave the EU, a promise I'd trust as far as I could throw fat Boris. The standard get out of jail card for politicians breaking promises is the old 'well the situation has changed' line, or  'things are different now'; with the leaving process set to be a lengthy one they know they can say what the hell they like right now. Just like Blair promising to legislate against university tuition fees pre election and introducing them post election.

The EU put a curb on our politicians and it was predominantly my generation which wiped that out for those who will be left behind, lets hope they are not left behind in a sub Saharan Britain. Should the economy falter when Article 50 is triggered, or when negotiations are completed it will give our politicians the perfect excuse to break their promise that no one will lose out from leaving the EU. And I'll tell you this, it's a damn sight harder to be green, when you're in the red.

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