Saturday, 17 September 2016

Are They Potty Trained Or Just Potty?

Natasha Devon was appointed by the government to be a mental health champion for children. There is an epidemic of mental health problems in this country, but the only people who seem to prioritise it are the Lib Dems. Still, the appointment of Ms Devon suggested the Conservative government was doing something.

Ms Devon spent years talking to youngsters and teachers, working out how to combat this mental health crisis of such epidemic proportions that even children self harming is becoming so commonplace it starts to look normal.

The charity YoungMinds suggests that three children in every classroom have a diagnosed mental illness. Ms Devon has now completed her report, but she did so without a job, because as soon as she demonstrated that she was truly independent and might actually critisise her employers, that's our government, famous for consulting on things they personally cannot know about, she got sacked.

Proving yet again that the vast majority of politicans in this country are not worthy of our respect, but a few individuals are. Ms Devon I salute you.


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