Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Looking For Balance

It's long seemed to me that the main problem the 'incomers' had with native Americans was simply their being there. They stood in the way of so called progress, or in more blunt terms money and profit, so make agreements, break them, whatever it takes to 'win'. A new moral dilemma is now become apparent.

Now it's the turn of another species, standing in the way of money and profit. Horses and Burros, the latter a term which seems to be largely American and which refers to a donkey, mule or an ass depending on your point of view. Horses, donkey's, mules and so on have served mankind for millennia, in war and in peace, largely before the advent of the internal combustion engine, but they continue to give many people great pleasure from simply riding, to admiring, to racing, showjumping, dressage, ceremonial.....

It's easy to forget these were and in some cases still are wild animals, how inconvenient is that. There are believed to be fewer than fifty thousand wild horses left in the USA but more than forty five thousand have been rounded up and put in government facilities to make way for more vast cattle farms.

Unfortunately those facilities cost millions of dollars to run so lets just kill the horses eh! A politicians answer if ever there was one, do what's expedient, the hell with what's right. What kind of a world do we want to leave behind? Who cares so long as we're rich now.

If you're American you have a say in this. If you think it's morally ok then don't sign the various petitions, national and by state, objecting to the further destruction of wild animals, habitat and history. If you do object here's a link to just one of the petitions, you will find others.

I know election fever is upon you and that nice Mr Trump would probably just slaughter the horses, take the money and call it business, but please, the Americans I know personally are thoroughly decent people, so go on spare a thought for the horses and your own future and the joy horses might bring to your kids. Get them away from computer games for a few hours.

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