Thursday, 13 October 2016

What's Really Important?

What are the really important issues? My top three would be peace, the state of the planet and justice. Given that, I feel education and science are two of the biggest contributors to achieving peace, protecting the planet and justice, but there is another. I think we need to strive for a good standard of living for all, in all countries. If you have a roof, food, a job, education for your kids why would you pick up a gun and go to war or start on a dangerous and uncertain migration?

Britain has lost the plot of late. The EU helped build a prosperous and more peaceful Europe and we're turning our back on it and cutting off our own noses to spite our face at the same time. Fuel has gone up in price, food is going up in price and already supermarkets  are warring with suppliers again, clothing, cars, travel and much else will go up too. Including raw materials, which will affect British manufacturers currently cashing in on lower prices for their goods abroad. Except Jaguar Land Rover in Europe as animosity to towards British stupidity starts to bite on the continent. In short look forward to something we haven't seen in a while, inflation.

Lets hope it's not on a grand scale.

Better education, more caring for the world and not pure selfish ambition and just maybe this nonsense could have been avoided.

On the subject of justice Doctor Waney Squier is appealing being struck off at the moment for giving evidence, in court in, shaken baby syndrome cases in a way deemed to be misleading. The result of the action against her is that others will no longer testify for the defence, it's a major setback for justice in the UK.

We must be very careful about what we suppress, the scientific case is disputed and more work needs to be done to see who is right. However, we are supposed to have a principle in this country which says a person is innocent until proven guilty. When a baby is taken away from his or her parents it's very sad, but protection is also important, maybe the most important thing.

However, a bereaved mother who is innocent of any wrongdoing being jailed for murder is heaping one tragedy on top of another. This is a subject where science needs to be brought to bear and swiftly. Independent, properly funded scientific work must be done on it.

The next general election in the UK is set to be in May 2020, less than four years. In the meantime Theresa May seems hell bent on riding roughshod over parliament with her 'Hard Brexit'. By 2020 many older vote Leave voters will have left us and the inflation and problems referred to above will have bitten hard. She and her stooges should be more careful, her small climb down yesterday may seem as nothing soon. She may lose MPs and fickle voters.

Cheer up and think about Christmas eh!

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