Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Go On Shake Things Up A Bit Richmond

Zac Goldsmith, he of the silver spoon who couldn't connect with Londoners in general has stood down as MP for Richmond prompting a by election where he will stand again as an independent. The Tories won't put anyone up against him to split the vote and let the Liberals in. Labour will run, despite the opposition of some of their own members and MPs; they cannot win Richmond, but might well help rich boy grim get back in.

Goldsmith stood down over the Heathrow expansion decision, a controversy which will run and run. Richmond was heavily in favour of Remain in the recent referendum, Goldsmith was a 'leaver'. The situation is very interesting. The Tory majority at the general election was massive, but look how well the Liberals did in Cameron's former constituency. Maybe a miracle will happen. Dear Richmonders, if you want change and if you believe in Europe then please vote Liberal.

Even Liam Fox is in a bit of a panic after Wallonia blocked Canada's trade deal with the EU. What chance is there of us getting a good deal?

Britain's government is in crisis, but the UN is serving the wider world no better.

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