Monday, 10 October 2016

Another Politician Who can't Tell Right From Wrong

It is reported that Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said IF Saudi Arabia DELIBERATELY targetted civilians then arms sales will be REVIEWED (reviewed means not necessarily stopped just to spell it out).

Seems to me that implies that if it was just an error of judgement that's fine by him then. It's simply not good enough, arms sales to such a regime should never even have started. A funeral was bombed and as people went to rescue survivors it was hit again. That's on the back of trying to starve Yemen's civilians to death, using British and American missiles.

Some Brexit voters (I'm not one obviously), have told me they want Britain to be great again. Well, first our politicians had better grow some balls and secondly learn right from wrong, that might make us a little bit great.

Malcolm Snook author and blogger.

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