Friday, 14 October 2016

Proud To Be Ashamed

The stupidity around Brexit goes on and on. Mrs May is in danger of making Mrs Thatcher look like a gentlewoman. The home office commissioned a report, not published because the results weren't what the government expected or hoped for, but leaked anyway, and it suggests as few as one percent of international students overstay their visas after their studies have finished.

The government was looking for tens of thousands so they could have a crackdown and look good to xenophobic Brexiteers. Previous estimates, perhaps that should be guesses, peaked at one hundred and ten thousand; fifteen hundred looks to be about the true figure.

The number of overseas students applying to study in the UK has fallen somewhat since the referendum and given the economic problems we face that's a loss of  valuable foreign income, think of it as exports, and a particular loss for our universities. Opinions seem to vary as to how much applications have dropped but it could be as high as sixteen percent year on year.

Instead of helping the government is actually tightening the rules  in order to make it harder for overseas students to bring their money here. Pesky foreigners eh, who needs 'em?

Maybe it's for their own good; since the referendum there has been a forty one percent increase in race hate crime, five thousand five hundred crimes, and that's only those which go reported, we've seen a murder in Essex, and the murder of MP Jo Cox was probably linked to the referendum too.

Hard Brexit or no, Brexit is hard, personally I'm proud to be ashamed of my country right now. I'm not one of the sheep and I didn't vote for chaos. I have no problem with foreigners, only with evil, which can occur anywhere at any time and there's too much of it right here, right now.

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