Tuesday, 11 October 2016

It's Only A Thousand Million

A few MPs are getting jumpy, they'd like to know the government's actual plan for so called Brexit. Mrs May and her three stooges won't tell them. The idea that we might all find out via press conferences held by Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel once negotiations begin would be quite comical if it weren't so sad.

Those same MPs would like a vote on the terms of leaving, maybe on the negotiating position ahead of that too, Mrs May and her elite clowns have ruled that out. The referendum it seems gives them carte blanche to do whatever they like, well, that's their interpretation anyway. Cameron's stupidity will echo down generations of Britons, starting with the young who voted remain. Mrs May's duplicity may yet rival, match or even exceed that odium.

No one who voted leave actually knew what the hell they were voting for. We're already seeing fuel rise in price as the pound falls, next it will be food and clothing; fortunately only non essential luxury items then, so that will only hurt the forty eight percent of us whom the chauffeur driven, un-elected prime Minister with a nice address in town calls a 'metropolitan elite'. It won't hurt leave voters from poorer communities or run down seaside towns so that's ok.

Leaked documents from the Treasury suggest that a 'hard Brexit' as advocated by the once weakly remain supporting Mrs May could cost sixty six billion pounds per year in lost tax revenue. Of course it's only a Treasury prediction, but indulge me.

Leave promised a saving of three hundred and fifty million pounds per week and one billion is a thousand millions. Multiply three hundred and fifty million by fifty two weeks and you get eighteen thousand two hundred millions or eighteen point two billions per year. However, roughly one hundred and seventy million of the three hundred and fifty came back to us for infrastructure projects, farming subsidies, university research etc so actually the saving isn't eighteen point two billion it's nine point three six billion.

If you subtract nine point three six billion from sixty six billion you're left with a loss of  fifty six point six four billion per annum in round figures which is a loss of one point zero nine billion per week. Ahh lets round it down it's a thousand millions every week lost rather than three hundred and fifty millions gained. Lovely.

Go Mrs May! No really go now.

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