Friday, 31 March 2017

The UK Politburo!

Critics have accused me of predicting the future and say it is entirely unpredictable. They are right I do look ahead and I do make assumptions. I try to make them with a modicum of common sense and a reference to human nature and history. Of course I could still be horribly wrong.

Yesterday I blogged that if I were Angela Merkel I would look at increasing German defence spending and that I would revisit the idea of a European Defence Force, given Trump's wandering path over Nato, whatever Mrs May might claim. Last night on Newsnight both things were discussed with the German Defence Minister. I almost felt prescient.

I'm not getting above myself though, I know that anything could happen, chaos reigns right now. By the way Germany's Defence Minister, Ursula von der Leyen, was yet another European politician who appears to be dignified, educated, considered, reasonable and thoughtful, and far superior to most British politicians. I find that interesting and wonder if European politicians have greater respect in their home nations than ours do here. Those I've seen seem to warrant it. Fascinating.

Yesterday's other big news was the so called Great Repeal Bill, which the media still seem to be calling it although Newsnight suggested the title has been downgraded to simply Repeal Bill. Whatever you call it, it's hardly going to be great. Passing EU legislation into UK law, simply to avoid a legal disaster was inevitable. However, the other thing I mentioned yesterday was the lust for control displayed by our unelected leader and her cronies.

The government plans to create powers to 'correct the statute book where necessary', without full parliamentary scrutiny. I've blogged previously about Britain becoming a one party state for the foreseeable future given the disarray in the Labour Party, and frankly they are not the answer anyway. In fact they largely caused the mess we're now in during the Blair Brown Project. Substitute 'Witch' if you feel so inclined.

Anyhow, we're now looking at a one party state AND executive control by a small cabinet, lets call it a Politburo just to be mischievous. The powers have been referred to as Henry VIII powers as they're similar to powers he took upon himself, and what a great monarch he turned out to be! Greedy, destructive, self centred and many more adjectives fit his bill. No wonder David Davis is smiling.

The service sector represents seventy eight percent of British GDP, our fall in manufacturing is spectacular and sad, most developed nations have seen falls but ours is almost certainly the biggest pro rata. Roughly ten percent of our gdp is generated by financial services and for all they've been a pain in the butt in recent years losing them would be worse, so Brexiteers will rejoice to hear about Lloyds of Brussels, JP Morgan buying premises in Dublin, Goldman Sachs looking to move hundreds more jobs abroad and HSBC, UBS and others considering their position too.

Labour and the TUC want all workers and human rights currently enshrined in EU legislation to be protected and some go further, wanting us to adopt anything Europe adopts in future. It's fast becoming a farce. Of course the Tories will tear up anything they don't like as soon as they can, without proper scrutiny and the Daily Mail will rejoice.

When farce turns to tragedy they'll stop blaming Remoaners like me and turn their ire on Johnny Foreigner. Bob Dylan is finally accepting his Nobel Prize For Literature and the times they are a changin'. But not for the better. If you are proud to be liberal at heart and democratic in nature then you can but hope that negotiations drag on and a general election occurs which allows a Liberal Democratic government to be elected and tragedy to turn into Churchill's broad sunlit uplands once more.

Even I wouldn't predict that but when anything can happen, anything can happen.

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