Thursday, 9 March 2017

Budget? What Budget?

Normally I write reams about the budget, but then it wasn't much of a budget was it. The biggest error was the attack on the self employed, the self starters, the entrepreneurs and small business people who are the backbone of this country, this economy.

I don't know what's got into the Tories. I do realise that the national debt code named GBH for Gordon Brown Hit us up is forecast to rise inexorably for as far into the future as anyone dare reasonably predict and frankly the only way I can see of slowing down the disaster, let alone turning things around, is to scrap Trident, scrap Brexit and invest in our economy.

Not only are the Tories biting off their own wrists by attacking the wealth creators who would normally, well, many of them anyway, would normally support the Conservative Party, but they also want both the people and parliament to give Theresa May a carte blanche to do whatever deal she wants with Europe.

It doesn't even play to her negotiating position, she won't be able to make the point that she needs a good deal to get it through parliament. Honestly, the current crop in cabinet are beyond stupid and if you voted for Brexit you voted for this chaos.

Not only that but if you think you've been enduring austerity think again. The Greeks have been enduring real austerity, when our debt reaches the same proportion of gdp as theirs THEN you'll know what austerity is. The debt, forget the deficit, the debt is nearly 1.7 TRILLION pounds, watch it sail through 2 Trillion devalued pounds at this rate. We're already the second most indebted country on the planet.

Kill Trident, kill Brexit and invest in sorting out the economy, it is the economy stupid and fake optimism just doesn't cut it Mr Hammond. #notmyprimeminister #notmychancellor.

If all Remain voters vote Liberal and the others remain split, we could have a liberal, reasonable government, that would be another huge shock, but rather a nice one for once. 

The breaking of manifesto promises and weasel words along the lines we didn't mean it like that, we meant it like this sadly, tragically actually, do not come close to shocking us anymore. The fact that National Insurance isn't ring fenced for the things it's meant to pay for doesn't shock us either and if politicians were honest then it would.

The liars and those who seek to dictate need to be cleared out, a return to honesty and British values would be nice too, before everything that's been built post war gets thrown out with the bathwater.

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