Thursday, 30 March 2017

Simply Calling For Unity Does Not Unity Create

If I was a dyed in the wool, isolationist, anti European Brexit Lemming I'd be pretty happy with our unelected as leader, leader. However, I'm a pro cooperation, pro harmony, pro trade, pro peace, joined up world kind of a guy.

Mrs May, representing fifty two percent of the population, minus those who are having second thoughts, minus those who did not get a vote, either because they're British but not here, or are here paying taxes, working in the NHS, education etc but, oh dear, not British and minus those older Brexit voters who may have died since June, has triggered Article 50 and called for unity.

If I were not too polite I'd say she's pissing in the wind. She says she has started us an a road from which there is no return; been listening to the wrong kind of song lyrics I think, although she might well have said from which there is no recovery.

Mrs May has failed to take Scotland with her, she's failed to take Northern Ireland with her and she talks about a frictionless border in Ireland with no explanation whatsoever as to how that could possibly be achieved without letting, heaven preserve us, Europeans in by the back door of Dublin airport. She has even failed to take Wales with her and they voted to make things worse!

Brexit Lemmings still talk about 'Project Fear' as if they never employed fear of immigrants, fear of Turkey joining the EU or any other fear themselves, hypocrites and liars.

If you saw Mrs May interviewed by Andrew Neil you will doubtless have heard her many references to 'control' with no, commitment whatsoever, not even a commitment to the Tory party's own professed target with regard to immigration. Oh yes, she's all about control though.

Mrs May has used the referendum to further her own political career, without reference to the people whose referendum decision she keeps talking about honouring, but with no right to change their mind of course. Even Brexit Lemming David Davis has said that a democracy which cannot change its mind is not a democracy at all, or words to that effect.

She might have reached the top step but Mrs May now has to manage the ridiculous expectations raised by Boris and Gove et al. Those are as difficult to meet as a frictionless border in Northern Ireland, harmony in England, Wales and Scotland and the certainty business is crying out for.

Calling for unity does not unity bring, compromise and listening would be a first step towards unity. Not mocking people who want to keep their European citizenship as being citizens of nowhere. I was born here in the UK, my grandfathers went to the Western trenches, my father joined the RAF in the second world war and we've all paid taxes and contributed to British society.

However, I've also been a European citizen for over forty years and I value that, which is why I've signed the petition asking Europe to give those of us who don't want to be stripped of our citizenship and our rights, by populist isolationists and Cameron's misfired attempt to unify the Tories, to give us a European passport, as indeed they do for people living in the Turkish section of Cyprus who want one. I want it and many thousands more do too, over three hundred thousand currently. Please Mr Tusk, give us a European passport, well, in effect don't let them take it away from us.

Disgracefully and in the lowest act yet Mrs May has brought European security into the, so called, negotiations even before they begin. In the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe and in the UK, how dare she link security co-operation to article 50?

If I were Mrs Merkel I'd be increasing German defence spending. With a debt approaching one point seven trillion pounds Britain won't be doing that. I'd also be arguing for that European Defence Force since the Donald's commitment to NATO is unlikely to be sincere, and leave Britain out of it. Mrs Merkel is likely to be more pragmatic and reasonable than Mrs May however, just as most of Europe's Foreign Ministers display more dignitas and sincerity than ours. Don't expect Europe to lie down and get stamped on by Mrs May though, she will have her work cut out. Dignitas is not weakness.

So, Mrs May, not my Prime Minister, says there is no going back, but she's wrong. Lemmings casting themselves into the abyss suddenly stop and go back to their normal lives when sufficient numbers have died. Much like humanity after a world war. We can stop this madness.

Hypocritical as any politician has ever been and whilst stating there is no going back Mrs May also said to the House Of Commons 'Perhaps now, more than ever, the world needs the liberal democratic values of Europe.' Well, she got that right and there's one way to get liberal democratic values and that is to support the Lib Dems in droves.

If the 48% alone voted Lib Dem in a general election there would actually be a Lib Dem government, because the others would be divided. Furthermore Europeans resident here and paying taxes can also vote in general and by-elections, which they couldn't in the referendum on racist principles, if principles is appropriate language. Then there's the young, as time goes by older Brexit Lemmings will die of natural causes, fewer of the young pro Europeans will die off. Even as the two years plus divorce proceeds the demographic will be changing.

There is still hope, we must demand a referendum, not a second referendum, but a first referendum on where we want to be once the picture becomes clear. The Labour Party is divided, Conservatives are divided, that's what kicked this lunacy off, even UKIP Lemmings fight amongst themselves. Only the Lib Dems are united on Europe and much else besides. Perhaps the 'negotiations' will need to be extended and we'll actually get an election before the decree absolute.

In so many ways we started this idiocy, from Blair's blind support for Bush leading to the migration crisis which the USA disowns, from Brown's profligate spending leaving us in terrible debt and insecurity, to the June referendum which bolstered Trump and divided us from our true values, from one another and from our friends and allies.

The Dutch hung on to their sanity, lets hope the French do likewise, otherwise Europe may implode, which would not just be bad, but which would be terrible, potentially disastrous actually for the entire world and we, the British would have proudly started it.

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