Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Wedding Of The Year Trump Farage

Nigel Farage just stood on the platform at a Trump rally and criticised President Obama for commenting on the Brexit referendum as a foreigner. Mr Farage displayed not a hint of embarrassment. I guess he cannot see the obvious hypocrisy, merely the opportunity to make more of a name for himself. I just hope that one day, preferably soon, the British people do wake up to the obvious.

That is the damage being done by politicians, like him and Boris, who are taking advantage of people's disillusionment with other politicians and with the establishment to make things even worse still. But not for themselves oh no, they'll be fine.

Goodness knows I'm critical of the established order and our long established politicos myself, scroll down and read some more if you don't believe me, but if Britain is stupid enough to divorce itself from Europe it's likely to get closer to the USA.

A USA which we have already followed into war on the back of false intelligence, but a USA which at least had the wisdom to replace George W with a real president, even if they gave him virtually no power for real change in the house or senate.

Can you imagine following a USA led by Trump, with house and senate behind him too? Can you imagine what will happen to the world if he believes what he says sufficiently to put it into action.

If Nigel won't wake up, lets hope Britain can.

Yes I too have been commenting on another country's politics, but I don't criticise Obama or anyone else for doing likewise, what we need is a joined up peaceful world, where open minded people of good character do exchange thoughts and ideas. What's more, what happens in the USA has a profound effect on us all.

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