Monday, 15 August 2016

Labour Leadership Woes

The Labour Party National Executive has won the right, on appeal only, to ban 130,000 new members, perhaps that should read paid up new members, from voting in the Leadership contest. The anti Corbynites will still lose that election I predict, having done the party even more damage.

Of course Owen and many in that party are worried Corbyn cannot win an election, I think they're right in that, although I don't think many people would trust another kind of  'New Labour' either given the damage the Blair Brown years wrought.

I wouldn't vote for any of them because they'd all borrow more and continue to let most people be confused by the difference between deficit and debt, and surplus and money in the bank! I think Corbyn would be a disaster as PM, but at least he stands for what he believes in and that is something one can have a degree of respect for. Although given the chance I believe he'd put the final nail in the nation's financial coffin.

I wonder if Labour's National Executive will now refund a hundred and thirty thousand fraudulently (in my view) accepted membership fees! That would at least be ethical.

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