Friday, 19 August 2016

Spare A Thought For Lebanon

The war in Syria is at least in part due to the Arab Spring and that, at least in part, was a consequence of the war in Iraq, in other words you can trace many of the roots of the current turmoil in the Middle East back to George W. Bush and his dear chum Tony Blair.

A lot of the Brexit people were motivated to vote leave because of the free movement of people  in Europe and because of refugees from a conflict we helped set the scene for coming into Europe. Indeed to our further shame we've added to the munitions being thrown around in Syria.

The population in the beautiful and historic country of Lebanon is four million, that includes refugee families from World War Two and the conflict which saw the founding of Israel, something the fatally flawed UN, which I blogged about yesterday, should be thoroughly ashamed of, generations living as refugees over seventy years.

Anyhow, that population of four million has now had to absorb one million Syrian refugees. That's to say that every fifth person in Lebanon is now a refugee from the current conflict in Syria. No wonder if the Lebanese people have compassion fatigue and don't forget that in my lifetime they've suffered their own civil war and invasions by both Syria and Israel.

What excuse for those who only think about Great Britain and what they perceive is best for us?

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