Monday, 29 February 2016

Super Tuesday

I love America and I'm saddened to see it so divided. The Republican Party seems to be getting ever more extreme which is shown by the rise of Donald Trump. It's funny in a way how the word 'liberal' seems to have become a dirty word, when actually the American constitution is very liberal in terms of liberty and equality. Likewise the republicans seem to have tried to hijack the notion of patriotism and yet by becoming ever more right wing they are getting further from what the constitution aimed to achieve. Very patriotic.

And so we come to 'Super Tuesday'. The angry part of my soul would like to see Trump get the Republican nomination, just so long as he's utterly humiliated in the poll that really counts.Alternatively the republicans could move now to heal the division in the country. A divided USA helps no one.

Something else the constitution aimed for was justice - judges should not be republican or democrat they should be open minded and interested in serving the cause of justice, Obama should nominate a new Supreme Court Justice and the senate should behave responsibly, but I cannot see that happening.

By the way, do Americans know that in the UK 'Trump' is a euphemism for 'fart'?


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  1. I predict Trump v Clinton. Clinton will win (handsomely be recent standards). She will then appoint Obama to the vacant Supreme Court position.