Friday, 19 February 2016

Selfish and childish.

The European Union has created peace in Europe for the first time in about two thousand years and has improved the lot of many European citizens. No, it's not perfect and all members should strive for a strong economy, high standards in education and health, and work towards equal opportunities for all.

So, at a time when Europe faces a migration crisis, when there is terrible conflict in the Middle East, even by Middle Eastern standards, when relations with Russia are at low ebb and North Korea is developing long range missiles, David Cameron just wants to talk about Britain.

Do things our way or just maybe we'll leave. I apologise wholeheartedly and unreservedly to our European neighbours. The fact is David Cameron wants to stay in Europe but cannot lead his own party, so he needs the country to make the decision. It's not really even a decision we should be considering. His party's angst and indecision has caused a constitutional crisis in effect, he did it over Scotland too. Now, just suppose people are persuaded to leave, then Scotland will raise its head again because they want in to Europe and it will never end.

Most people I know are appalled by Donald Trump and his politics of division, you can influence your friends; make enemies and understandably they don't want to listen. I'm not saying that a Britain outside the EC would become an enemy, but it would be an outsider by definition, no longer at the table and that's a step in the wrong direction. Many of the 'out of Europe' campaigners concede it would be a step into the unknown, that jobs and investment would be put at risk, ah, but we'd have more control, yes, more control of a weaker less influential country, great!

The European economy is not booming, there is terrible youth unemployment in many places, whilst unemployment here has been falling of late, despite immigration. Now, I don't want to see Britain's roads and hospitals at a standstill because of overcrowding, I don't want to see teachers faced with classes where there are half a dozen languages spoken and teaching becomes impossible. So the question we should be asking is not what can Europe do for us, but what can we do to help Europe? Especially in terms of youth unemployment. That's what membership means and it's what's best for us too. End this selfishly inspired childish nonsense now for goodness sake.

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