Sunday, 28 February 2016

Bad Case Eloquently Made

Watched the Andrew Marr show today and saw Iain Duncan Smith making the case for out in the European Referendum. He was opposed by Angela Eagle for the IN Campaign and unfortunately as a seasoned politician (not a compliment) he performed well. Seldom have I heard a disastrous case presented so well. Hopefully he upset a few people by patronising Angela. He also complimented Cameron even as he slid the knife into his ribs. Personally I don't much care about Cameron's future, but I do care about the future of my country.

IDS used impressive but misleading statistics. Yes lots of UK companies don't trade with Europe directly and yes they have to obey the rules. However, lets take a cafe, for example, many of the 'rules' will be about employment and food hygiene and so on, they're not necessarily bad rules and it's a level playing field for all cafes. In some areas European tourists will be important to them too.

Now take a small company that has a product. If I had such a company, and I am thinking of making a product as it happens, I could fill the boot of my car with samples and cross the channel and show that product immediately to retailers and potential distributors all over Europe, no red tape, no problem.

IDS says they'll keep on trading with us, yes they probably will, but things will get more complicated, more obstacles will arise, it's a nonsense.

Apparently Scottish himself, IDS was also asked about Scotland. Now, we all know that if we leave the EU Scotland will want to leave the UK and try to get back into Europe, but, disingenuously IDS said we should only consider the one issue. How ridiculous, the whole thing is about future consequences.

After 2000 years of largely tribal conflict in Europe we've been friends and growing closer since the disaster that was World War Two. Cameron's so called 'new deal' is not the point and nor is the idiotic idea that if we vote for out we can negotiate an even better deal for ourselves. Since when did we become so bloody selfish. What's wrong with getting closer? What's wrong with a joined up world? What's wrong with equality across Britain, across Europe?

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