Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Trump Trump Before It's Too Late

Here I go again commenting on another country's politics, oh well it's only the world at stake. The nightmare of a Trump Presidency, for Mexico in particular, but also for the rest of the civilised world moved a step closer when Democrats started chanting 'lock her up' with regards to Hilary Clinton, just as the followers of the false profit did last week.

At this rate Trump will win by default, because Hilary is losing the battle, not because the Republicans are winning it. There are plenty of educated, fair minded, thoughtful people in America who would rather vote Democrat, but there are a few who won't vote for a woman at any price and many who believe Hilary to be tainted. Probably correctly.

I'm amazed to find myself thinking this, but I actually believe Bernie Sanders has a better chance of defeating the Donald than Mrs Clinton. The young like him and it's their future quite frankly. The old stabbed the young in the back in the UK recently – don't make the same mistake USA.

Now that we know the Clinton campaign was corrupt there seems little to stop the Democrats disqualifying the former first lady, with all her 'experience' and replacing her with someone who has principles instead.

After all Obama is a principled man, why not try and make it habit forming? Maybe the American people might weigh in with the House and Senate too so that the next principled man can actually do some good.

Mind you there is a risk of gun control if you do that and what's a mass shooting a day compared with the right to bear arms?

Being a misogynist, a bully and an advocate of violence and war crimes isn't enough to stop someone getting the Republican nomination in a country riven by racial tension, so, can the Democrats prove themselves above all that at this time of huge risk to the world economy and world peace to say nothing of peace on the streets in America?

I don't think the Democrats will do the sensible thing and sadly I don't think American voters will reject Trump if they don't. Please go with Bernie.

Luckily I'm not the Mexican president because if I were, and if Trump were to be elected I'd probably give all US Citizens forty eight hours to quit the country, close all border crossings thereafter, break off diplomatic relations, sending all US diplomats home and recalling mine, bar all flights emanating from, or going to, the USA from using Mexican airspace and negotiate a military alliance with Putin, then we could have the Cuban missile crisis and The Bay Of Pigs all over again.

Get Trumpy off to a good start.

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  1. Should have waited a couple of hours before posting, because Clinton is now nominated. The worry here is that Trump need win only 4 states in the northern rust belt to make the White House his.

  2. True Richard and I think Trump will win now, people vote based on emotions rather than facts. Britain is looking to itself, not the world and America will probably do the same. The irony is that both Britain and America will hurt themselves with this look after number one attitude.