Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Nick Clegg

Just listened to Nick Clegg on the Jeremy Vine show. Nick is our local MP, I've met him a few times and I reckon he's a decent bloke. Indeed if you missed hearing him you can listen again on the BBC website, it's well worth it. We could use more of his sort in politics. Of course he's not the only decent politician and decent politicians aren't limited to the Liberals either.

Unfortunately, whatever Nick says, some of them are bellicose and extreme, some abuse the system and are manipulative, some are just downright corrupt, thinking about the Neil Hamilton story and the various expenses scandals. I think it's a shame Nick is no longer the Leader of the Liberals, especially given the way Corbyn is managing to hang on in the Labour Party. It's funny how we ask people to fall on their swords when very often they're getting better and more experienced in post.

As to Nick Clegg, he seems to me to talk common sense and if we're to build a better world we need people like him - I can't see Theresa May uniting her party, let alone the country, especially given some of those lovely people around her! It's high time the Liberals became the main party of opposition or better still get swept to power. After all, it's not just about Britain, which is all Brexiteers seem concerned about, it's about a better world.

Nigel Lawson, a real charmer, said something recently about hating the Liberals because they can say what they like since they'll never have the responsibility of office. Well given the rhetoric recently from Johnson, Farage, Gove, Davies et al his fire seems misdirected to me. Time to give the Liberals some responsibility, the coalition actually tempered Tory extremes, it was far better than the chaos we have now.

Liberal landslide, unlikely, but we could do a lot worse!

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