Saturday, 18 June 2016

Jo Cox

I've hesitated to blog about the tragic murder of Jo Cox and have read some of what others have written. I'm on record as being very sceptical about politicians and I still am. However, Jo Cox was clearly in it for the right reasons. I believe she was one of the very best. It may be that most politicians enter politics to do good and that the system changes them, although how many start out in politics to serve the people and how many to serve themselves is an unknown.

By the way she lived her life, before and during her time in the political arena we can be certain Jo Cox cared about people, British and otherwise. My stance on the forthcoming referendum isn't just to do with Britain, it's to do with what's best for the world, so I identify with Jo Cox and her views on war and refugees.

It's exceptionally tragic to lose one of the good ones in this way. I believe she was a victim of mental illness, whatever the political views of her killer. No sane person kills over a difference of opinion. I'm sure more news will come out, but I don't expect to comment again personally. I grieve for her, her family and a world that is the poorer for her passing.

Malcolm Snook

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