Monday, 20 June 2016

A Final Appeal To Sanity!

With three days to go I don't really think the British people will prove daft enough to vote out of Europe, but I've been wrong before! So, if we do I'm already thinking of marketing I didn't vote for chaos T Shirts . Most of what the Brexit campaign says is about what we could do if we left, what we would do is very debatable. 

If we leave and there's chaos and worldwide recession, if people lose jobs, if pensions are threatened or cut, if there's a flood of new immigrants coming in before it's too late, if retirement to sunnier climes becomes impossible, if imported goods become horribly expensive and foreign travel too, if Brits get the cold shoulder abroad I hope none of those who voted to leave will whinge about it, make excuses, or blame other people.

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1 comment:

  1. Like you, Malcolm, I believe that the British people will vote to stay IN the EU. What worries me, though, is if there's a very small margin. Can you imagine what Farage et al will say and do when they discover we're staying in by a 50.5 : 49.5 vote? Things could get messy!