Friday, 28 March 2014

Keeping Our Kids Fit

28% of British kids are overweight or obese, so someone in government, it is reported, is considering the introduction of a sugar tax. Don't ever let it be said that a problem is not an opportunity (for someone).

Does anyone remember a previous government selling off school playing fields for short term gain? Oops now the kids are overweight, wonder why.

So, and this isn't a proposal if I understand correctly, but a fact; £1 and half million is being cut from the government subsidy to the FA for grass roots football because fewer kids are playing. Now it is possible, and many of us suspect, that the FA is really only interested in the upper echelons of the sport which are dripping with money anyway. So why not take all their government money away and spend it on playing fields and tennis courts and other facilities up and down the country where real grass roots people and sports clubs can use them, oh and maybe schools too.

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