Tuesday, 25 June 2013

From my friend Hasan. Things are still getting worse in Turkey

Dear Malcolm,
Many thanks for your reply and support.
This things or even worse things are happening in many places in the world but we don’t know. Now I guess it is time for
Turkish people to stand up and only try to change the things if possible.
I am sorry to e-mail you all the terrible stories but I trust you can deliver the messages to many people in UK. I don’t know
how much this will help but more announcement is always better.
You may watch the below videos. Please don’t be sorry for them because they aren’t. I have a full respect for the people
that they know why they are protesting.
the Gezi Park story with Fazıl Say music
h p://www.youtube.com/watch?v=demnc4sQ0VI&sns=em
Gezi Park Taksim, İstanbul story in English
Below is the song for GeziPark Taksim in stanbul Turkey
From the beginning
A real photo
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