Friday, 17 February 2017

With Friends Like Blair Who Needs Enemies?

Tony Blair has urged the sixteen million one hundred and forty thousand plus voters who voted for a joined up co-operative Europe to rise up and fight Brexit. He has pointed out the deficiencies in his old party, maybe they still count him as one of their own, I'm not sure, couldn't care less actually, but he was right in almost everything he said.

Sadly, for we pro Europeans anyway, he's such a toxic messenger, such a hated figure, and the man who's primarily to blame for the migrant crisis which tipped so many voters over the edge, (who says fear controls people?) that he just cannot inspire anyone anymore, or ever again.

Yes, Theresa May, liar Boris, Gove and IDS etc are on a headlong rush over the precipice, yes a vast number of people cannot have known what they were voting for. Indeed since we don't know just what will happen, or just how disastrous the consequences will be, the argument could be made that even the most educated and informed Brexit voters were simply tossing a pebble into a black, icy pool to see just what monster arose.

He was even right that Brexit may not be unstoppable and that people have a right to change their minds when they avert their eyes from Boris Johnson's hypnotic gaze and look around themselves at the world.

Blair will fail to inspire Labour, they've lost it with him and they're so divided over Europe that no leader will paper over that crack. He's muddying the waters and failing to help, indeed just his presence as a pro European on the stage will inspire the Brexit battalions to derision. Blair's motive? Crawl back into the limelight I suppose, like a downward sliding celebrity eating insects in the jungle to try and hold on to the slippery pole a moment longer.

Blair is yesterday's monster, May is today's monster. If the sixteen million one hundred and forty thousand plus Remain voters rose up and joined, or at least supported the Liberal party, then maybe we'd get some liberal, common sense, middle ground policies from a party that knows where it stands and still has some real values.

If he actually wanted to do some good it's a shame Blair doesn't give his money to the Lib Dems and pull his head back in, instead of spending it on a doomed and ultimately humiliating attempt at a political comeback.

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