Friday, 15 April 2016

Does anyone think the Chancellor will be surprised by that?

The Chancellor announced that Britain deserves a pay rise. So he's told companies to give us one. Of course Britain is run by politicians who meddle in education without being teachers, meddle in healthcare without being doctors or nurses and meddle in business without being businessmen (with a handful of exceptions). British business fights to be competitive, despite competing with hugely different labour rates in China and India to name but two.

It seems to me we try to compete by being better, but there is now a huge number of overseas students benefiting from a British University education, so the skills advantage is probably eroding too. Given that the Tories have always professed to believe in market forces it seems a bit odd that in their eyes a thing is no longer worth what you can get for it.

It has been reported in the news that companies are cutting breaks, cutting overtime and doing everything they can to make a profit from the work of their employees alongside applying the new living wage. It's legitimate for a business to make a profit from the work of its employees, in fact for the company to survive and to continue to employ people it's essential it does so. Which is quite different from ripping people off. I wonder if the Chancellor is surprised that companies are wriggling around trying to stay competitive, or does he think that they should obey his dictates and roll over and die wherever necessary?

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