Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Is Republican The New Lemming?

Do the warnings from history have a best before date? Do people forget, or is it just that later generations disassociate themselves from the lessons of the past? Maybe there is actually a Lemming instinct in humanity, such that suddenly huge sections of society are happy to follow someone into the abyss.

In the 1930s people wondered how a basically civilised, cultured and christian country like Germany could align itself behind the anti-christ. How could Germany turn a blind eye to Gestapo torture and SS genocide, or did they actually back it? Donald Trump has openly said he'd go after families, that's innocent women and children to you and me, he's said that not only does he support waterboarding, but he'd endorse more extreme torture too.

As Hitler blamed his country's ills on another race, so Trump blames Mexicans and Muslims. It's a worry. If you'd toured Germany at the end of 1945 you'd have seen what it is to follow a man like that into the abyss. Of course millions of Germans never did see, because they, like their leader, died in the fall.

Sounds extreme doesn't it. Yet the destructive force of Hitler's weapons, which laid so much to waste, are as nothing compared with Americas nuclear arsenal. Today a man like that could achieve much.

Britain has nurtured what it thinks of as a special relationship with America, although it's really kinda one sided in reality. However, such as it is, it's based on shared values as well as a common tongue. And so I respectfully suggest that IF America elects a President with such different values from our own that we do not also become Lemmings, that we let that relationship go, that we withdraw from NATO and  ask other members to follow that example until sanity is restored.

Torture, murder, war crimes, racism, bigotry and division are not British values. I hope and believe they are not American values either. If Republican is the new Lemming then lets hope for a Democrat landslide.

Protest now.

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