Sunday, 17 January 2016

As Expected Jeremy Corbin Loses The Plot

When Jeremy Corbin was elected leader of the Labour party I feared the worst (for them). I'm no fan of the other mob either, for those who haven't read much of what I write. I found myself, however, in agreement when he wanted to scrap Trident and in agreement again when he didn't want to bomb Syria, with no plan or strategy to make things better. (I personally think if we can drop bombs we can drop food and medicine to people who need it but that's another story.)

Anyhow, Labour elected a leader it didn't deign to follow. And now the madness starts. Labour has always been in thrall to the unions and the unions never see the big picture. Jeremy better keep them onside no matter what. So, we have two new, I hesitate to use this word, 'initiatives'. First is that we should keep Trident and the jobs the unions want to protect, but ditch the nuclear warheads. WHAT! So if someone nukes Britain the submarines return home to a radioactive wasteland where the survivors are supposed to make new warheads attach them and shoot them back. Sure, that'll work.

Either keep the damn things or scrap 'em. I prefer scrap 'em and use the money to invest in peaceful industries and create new jobs that way, maybe even jobs that bring a return to the country; after all a country is really just a large complex corporation. Running things we don't need like submarines that fire blanks is a surefire waste of our money and resources!

The second 'initiative' to keep the unions sweet is to make sympathy strikes legal again. So some poor sap is trying to run a business and turn a profit for his investors and for the country and his workers go on strike because some other company has workers with a grievance. Well done Jeremy, bring down the wealth creators and  the country why don't you, return to chaos. We can always plant veggies in the garden.

It's this kind of thing made Labour unelectable and made the Tories feel so secure that their arrogance and sleaze ran riot. Only the Liberals opposed the Blair Bush madness and now they've lurched to the right because after the last election they think its the only way to recover, that, that's what people want. NO we want moderation and common sense please.

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